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Material Processing

800nm Laser For Material Processing

1030nm Laser ( Yb YAG laser crystal )

1030nm Laser For Material Processing Laser Crylink

1060nm Laser ( Nd Glass, Cr YAG Q-Switch crystal )

1060nm Laser For Material Processing

Er glass fiber amplifier( Er YAG laser crystal)

Er glass fiber amplifier For Optical Communication

Radar and Ranging

2000nm Laser ( Tm YAG laser crystal)

2000nm Laser For Ranging and Radar

Medical Applications

1300nm laser ( Nd YAP laser crystal )

1300nm Laser For Medical Application

Dual wavelength (1064nm 532nm) laser ( Nd YAG laser crystal, LiNbO3 Q-Switch crystal, LBO nonlinear crystal )

532-1064nm Laser For Medical Application

2000nm laser ( Tm YLF laser crystal )

2000nm Tm YLF Laser For Medical Application

2790nm laser ( Er Cr YSGG laser crystal )

2790nm Laser For Medical Application

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