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Erbium Glass Laser

1535nm Er Glass Eye-Safe Solid-State Microchip Laser — Ultra-Compact DPSSL for Ranging Finder

The wavelength of 1535nm is just in the position of the human eye and the atmospheric window, so it has been widely concerned in the fields of laser ranging and electronic communication. Er,Yb:glass lasers are most commonly used for laser rangefinders with a low pulse repetition rate (less than 10 Hz). Our eye-safe laser has already been used in ranging finder, and its ranging range is 3-5km with high stability, which is applied in Gun aiming and UAV pod.

Lasers with emission wavelengths longer than 1.4 μm are often called “eye-safe” because the light in that wavelength range is strongly absorbed in the eye’s cornea and lens and, therefore, cannot reach the significantly more sensitive retina. The quality of “eye-safe” depends not only on the emission wavelength but also on the power level and the optical intensity which can reach the eye. Eye-safe lasers are essential in 1535nm laser for ranging and radar cases where light must be transmitted over substantial distances in the open air. Examples are laser rangefinders and free-space optical communications.

Er Glass Laser Technical Parameter

Output energy100μJ200μJ300μJ100μJ200μJ
Pluse width≤5ns
Repetition Rate10Hz
Divergence angle Typ.(mrad)10mrad
Beam ModeTEM00
Working current7A10A12A8A10A
Working temperature-40℃~+65℃
Storage temperature-55℃~+80℃

Note: *This model has a built-in PIN, and the PIN amplitude is 2V@50Ω impedance

Output energy500μJ800μJ1000μJ
Pluse width≤6ns≤7ns≤7ns
Repetition Rate10Hz10Hz5Hz
Divergence angle Typ.(mrad)8mrad7mrad7mrad
Beam ModeTEM00
Working current20A30A30A
Working temperature-40℃~+65℃
Storage temperature-55℃~+80℃
Output energy40μJ20μJ10μJ5μJ40μJ20μJ10μJ5μJ
Pluse width≤5ns≤6ns≤8ns≤10ns≤5ns≤6ns≤8ns≤10ns
Repetition Rate1KHz2.5KHz5KHz10KHz1KHz2.5KHz5KHz10KHz
Divergence angle Typ.(mrad)≤16mrad≤17mrad≤18mrad≤20mrad≤16mrad≤17mrad≤18mrad≤20mrad
Working voltage2V2V2V2V
Spot diamteter0.3mm0.3mm0.3mm0.3mm
Beam ModeTEM00
Working current5A
Working temperature range-40℃~+65℃
Storage temperature range-55℃~+80℃

Note: *This model has a built-in PIN, and the PIN amplitude is 2V@50Ω impedance

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