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In Pr: YLF Crystal, the rich energy level structure of Pr + ions can reduce the probability of non-radiative rapidness. Therefore, the pump spectral threshold of Pr: YLF Crystal is low and has a high luminous efficiency. Under LD pump with wavelength of 442nm, Pr: YLF Crystal has five relatively strong absorption peaks, which are 523nm, 604nm, 640nm, 698nm and 720nm respectively. Among them, 570 to 620 nm laser light source has many applications in environmental and medical fields. The laser with 720nm Pr: YLF Crystal doubling frequency into 360nm wavelength through nonlinear Crystal has also made great contribution to the micro manufacturing industry. All these advantages make Pr: YLF Crystal has a very wide range of applications.

Pr: YLF Crystal is suitable for laser emission in visible light region

Pr: YLF Crystal provides a rich laser transition between blue, green, orange and red because its wavelength is in the visible light region. In addition, as a fluoride host, YLF has low non-radiation multi-phonon attenuation and low excited state absorption, thus visible light laser with Pr: YLF Crystal as gain medium can be produced, which is widely used in entertainment industry and environmental lighting engineering.


Perpendicularity <10′
Surface Quality 10-5 S-D
Wavefront Distortion <λ/4 per inch@632.8 nm<λ/4 per inch@632.8 nm
Surface Flatness <λ/8 @632.8 nm<λ/8 @632.8 nm
Clear Aperture >90%>90%
Face Dimensions Tolerance+0/-0.1 mm
Length Tolerance ±0.1mm
Coatings R<1%@440-444nm+R<0.6%
@500-700nm on both faces
Laser Induced Damage Threshold>5J/cm2@532nm, 10ns
Specific mass3.95g/cm3
Melting Point819°C
Thermal Conductivity /(W·m-1·K-1)6
Mohs Hardness 5
Thermal Expansion / 10-6·K-1)~16
Structure SymmetryTetragonal
Typical Doping Level1@.%
Refractive Index (@1064nm)no=1.448, ne=1.470
Lifetime of 3P0 Erbium Energy Level( s)50
Emission Cross Section (10-20/cm2)20 10-20cm²
Absorption Peak Wavelength444nm
Absorption Cross Section at Peak8×10-20cm2
Absorption Bandwidth at Peak Wavelength~5nm
Laser Wavelength523nm, 604nm, 640nm, 698nm and 720nm

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