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Yb:YAG lasers have many advantages compared with diode-pumped rod-based Nd:YAG systems,such as superior beam quality, efficiency, and tunability. Yb:YAG is a quasi-three-level structure crystal with the low quantum of loss, thermal load, very low thermal permeability, easy to obtain high output, and can output a maximum of 100W at 1030nm,ensuring the output mode is TEM00.Thin-disc Yb:YAG lasers are aiming for the engraving and printing markets.


1030nm Laser For Material Processing

Gain medium - Nd YAG

Thin disk made of Yb:YAG. The crystal shape of the thin disk laser is a sheet type.The entire crystal of thin disk is bonded to the heat sink, so the cooling efficiency of the crystal is very high. Becasue the thickness of the crystal is very thin, only a part of the pump light is absorbed by the crystals every time while it passes through the laser crystals. In order to improve its pumping efficiency, a parabolic mirror is placed at the front of the semiconductor to produce output light with high power.

  • Heat sink——Used for cooling crystals
  • Thin disk——Made of Yb:YAG
  • Contact material——Contact thin disk with heat sink
  • Pump light——Provide energy
  • Parabolic mirror——Improve pumping efficiency
  • Optical fiber
  • Etalon——Produce single frequency
  • Filter——Tuning wavelength

1030nm Microchip Laser System of MCJ Series

MCJ series microchip laser is a passively Q-switched solid-state laser based on semiconductor pump. The laser pulse is pure without tail, the single pulse energy is stable and the beam quality is good. The integrated design of semiconductor pump module and laser crystal makes the compact laser head easy to install and integrate. The system supports internal and external triggering. This series of products include two wavelengths of 1030nm and 515nm. The fully sealed module inside the laser head can be used by customers for secondary development and application.

ModelRepetition FrequencyAverage PowerOutput EnergyPulse Width
CL1030-100Hz-100μJ-MCJ0040.1 kHz10 mW100 uJ1 ns
CL1030-1KHz-100μJ-MCJ0051 kHz100 mW100 uJ1 ns
CL1030-2KHz-100μJ-MCJ0062 kHz200mW100 uJ1 ns
  • Pulse width up to 1ns
  • Pulse energy up to 100μJ
  • Repetition frequency up to 2kHz
  • Beam mode is TEM00
  • Material micromachining
  • Spectrum detection
  • Lidar
  • Pump source
  • Biomedical Science

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