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Nd: YAG Crystal

Nd: YAG is one of the mature developed laser crystals obtained by doping Nd ion into YAG crystal. The absorption bandwidth of Nd: YAG laser crystal is 730-760 nm and 790-820 nm and is usually pumped by a flash tube or laser diode. The typical laser emission peak is 1064 nm. It is also possible to emit lasers with wavelengths of 946 nm, 1120 nm, 1320 nm, and 1440 nm with some measures.

Q-switch and lock mode is adapted to obtain laser with different wavelengths (532 nm, 266 nm, 213 nm, etc.) and pulse width (10-25 ns), respectively, which makes the vast application in biophysics, medicine, military, machine, scientific research, and architecture, etc. The high concentration doped crystal is commonly applied to pulse laser, and the low concentration doped one is usually used in continuous wave output.

Turns With a Technology Base

Nd: YAG laser is usually pumped with lots of laser emission peaks enabled with lock mode. It takes a basic configuration to access a flash tube or laser diode. Thus, it considers an influential role in finding out pulse width and others. Doped crystals are made for low concentration. It usually grabs it basically on the laser with different wavelengths. It gains a coefficient that turns out with the latest technologies. They are well adapted by discovering mechanical and physical properties. It takes a wide absorption bandwidth by delivering excellent optical sources. A low-lasting threshold with a high gain coefficient is accessed with visual references.


Nd Concentration Tolerance (atm%)0.1- 2.5(+/-0.1)atm%
Orientation[001] or [110] or [111] <±0.5°
Surface Quality10-5(MIL-O-13830A)
Wavefront Distortionλ/4@632 nm
Surface Flatnessλ/8@632 nm
Clear Aperture>95 %
Length Tolerance+0.5/-0mm
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance±0.05 mm
Maximum Dimensionsdia (3~12.7)×(3~150) mm
Damage Threshold>750 MW/cm2@1064 nm 10 ns 10 Hz
Chips<0.1 mm
Extinction Ratio>30 dB(depends on actual sizes )
Barrel Finish400 grit
Crystal Structurecubic – la3d
Lattice Constants12.01 Å
Density4.56 g/cm3
Melting Point1950 °C
Thermal Conductivity/(W·m-1·K-1@25°C)0.14 W
Specific Heat/(J·g-1·K-1)0.59
Rupture Stress1.3-2.6*103 kg/cm2
Thermal Expansion /(10-6·K-1@25°C )[100] Orientation–8.2
 [110] Orientation–7.7
 [111] Orientation–7.8
Hardness (Mohs)8.5
Young`s Modulus/GPa317
Shear Modulus/Gpa54.66
Extinction Ratio25 dB
Poisson Ratio0.25
Laser Transition4F3/2 →> 4I11/2
Photon Energy1.86×10-19 J
Laser Transition Wavelength, λl (nm)1064
Pump Transition Wavelength, λp (nm)808
Pump Transition Bandwidth, Δλp (nm)<4
Laser Transition Bandwidth, Δλl (nm)~0.6
Pump Transition Peak Cross Section, σp (E-20 cm2)6.7
Laser Transition Peak Cross Section, σl (E-20 cm2)28
Pump Transition Saturation Intensity, φp (kW/cm2)12
Laser Transition Saturation Intensity, φl (kW/cm2)2.6
Laser Transition Saturation Fluence, Γl,sat (J/cm2)0.6
Minimum Pump Intensity, Imin (kW/cm2)~0
Upper Laser Manifold Lifetime, τ(msec)0.26
Quantum Defect Fraction0.24
Fractional Heat Generation0.37
Refractive Index1.8197 @1.064 µm
Fluorescence Lifetime230 µs

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