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Nd: GdVO4

Nd:GdVO4 Crystal (Neodymium-doped gadolinium orthovanadate) acts as a good gain medium in lasers. The output wavelength of Nd: GdVO4 Crystal is mainly concentrated in 1060nm and 1340nm. Nd: VO4 Crystal is well known in the solid laser field for its high chemical stability and its excellent laser performance. But it cannot be used in high power laser field because of its thermal conductivity coefficient is not high. Compared with Nd: VO4 Crystal, It not only has many advantages of Nd: VO4 Crystal, but also makes up for the shortage of Nd: VO4 Crystal in the field of high-power laser due to its relatively high thermal conductivity. It has a very good development prospect.

The Nd: GdVO4 Crystal is used as the gain medium and the wavelength is 1520nm for human eye safe laser motion in ranging, telemetry and other remote sensing applications.

The field of human eye security is between 1500nm to 1600nm. By the research of Raman scattering, it is found that the self-frequency Raman laser can move to 1174nm-1175nm. Therefore, Nd: GdVO4 Crystal under pull-diffuse reflection can realize the development of a human eye safety laser with a wavelength of 1340nm and 1520nm. Such a laser can be widely used in various remote sensing applications and has a good development prospect


Crystal Structuretetragonal
Space GroupI41/amd
Specific Heat @25oC32.6 (cal/mol/K )
Mohs Hardness4.6 – 5
Melting Point1780 oC
Thermal Conductivity, W/(mxK): <110>11.7Wm/K
Thermal Expansion Coefficient  αa=1.5x10E-6/K, αc=7.3x10E-6/K 
Lattice Parameter (A) a=7.21b=6.35
Nd: Dopant Level0.1 – 3.0 atm%
Standard Dimensions4x4x8mm,3x3x5mm3,3x3x3 mm3, 3x3x1 mm3
Wavefront Distortion< l/8 at 633 nm
Surface quality10/5 Scratch/Dig per MIL-O-13830B
Flatnessl/10 at 633 nm
Clear Aperture> Central 90%
Parallelism< 10 arc sec.
Intrinsic Loss< 0.1% cm-1
Lasing Transition4F3/2 – 4I1/2
Lasing Wavelength1062.9 nm, 1340.0 nm
Emission Cross Section, (E ½ ½ c, at 1064 nm) 7.6×10-19cm²
Peak Absorption Wavelength808nm
Absorption Cross Section, (E ½ ½ c, at 808 nm) 4.9×10-19cm²
Absorption Linewidth3 nm
Relaxation Time of Terminal Lasing Level100 µs
Absorption Coefficient  (1% Nd)57 cm-1 with E//c @ 808 nm
Index of Refraction (at 1064 nm): no=1.972                        ne=2.192

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