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Based on advanced non-ablative 1550 nm Erbium glass fractional laser technology, its depth of penetration with minor lesions ensures near non-invasive treatment and proves accurate, safe and efficient skin resurfacing and scar treatment with minimal downtime.

Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass emits a laser that is safe and easy to measure in the 1550 nm band, and this band also corresponds to the low-loss window of the fiber. Lasers made with this material have broad application in optical communication, laser radar, Laser ranging and other aspects. Because the visual medium has a low transmittance to laser radiation of 1530~1560μm wavelength and it is not easy to damage the retina, lasers made of this material can also be used in the medical field, and there have been reports of successful treatment of corneal diseases.


1500nm Laser For Medical Application

Gain medium Er: Yb Glass

Used to produce a laser of 1500nm. The Er is a three-level structure with low absorption of pump radiation and relatively low output energy. However, because it emits a laser with a wavelength of 1500nm, it is the safest for the human eye and penetrates well in smoke. It has broad prospects in both military and civilian applications.

Q-Switch Crystal - Co:Spinel

A good saturable absorber should have a relatively long laser state lifetime and a large absorption cross section. Co2+ has a large absorption cross section and has different excited state lifetimes in different matrices.  Co-doped materials such as Co2+:MgAl2O3 have exhibited good saturable absorption characteristics in the near infrared. A significant advantage of the Co2+ doped Q switch is that it can operate at high repetition rates.

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