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2100nm CTH:YAG(Cr,Tm,Ho:YAG) laser used for laser lithotripsy. Currently, several different types of lasers are used for the clinical application of laser lithotripsy. Lithotripsy works by physically absorbing the continuous pulses of laser energy to produce a photothermal effect, which is superior to other lasers in terms of performance and safety, avoiding the disadvantages of conventional lithotripsy, considering the high energy density of the laser, which can easily cause damage to the body. Its main advantages are the use of the fiber’s flexible nature in conjunction with a flexible nephroscope and the high efficiency of stone removal. In addition to lithotripsy, the CTH:YAG laser can be used to treat local soft tissue lesions, while its thermal radiation has an antibacterial effect.


2100nm Cr Tm Ho YAG Laser For Medical Application

2100nm Laser (Cr:Tm,Ho:YAG)

  • Pumping systems
    Considering the spectral absorption characteristics of impurity ions in the CTH:YAG crystal, a xenon lamp matching the absorption spectrum of the laser processing material with high luminescence efficiency was selected as the pumping source.
  • Resonant cavity
    Considering the application of laser in the medical field, high requirements on beam divergence angle and beam stability are imposed. The planar concave resonator is chosen here.
  • Cooling System
    Considering the structure of the CTH:YAG laser cavity and the large amount of heat generated during operation, a liquid cooling system is feasible.
  • CTH:YAG crystal
    It is based on YAG, doped with Cr3+, Tm3+ and Ho3+ ions. It has the strongest emission at 2080 nm and a large absorption cross section. It can effectively obtain 2.1 μm wavelength lasers.

Gain medium - Cr,Tm,Ho:YAG

the pump source main originates from the flashlamp energy absorbed by Cr3+, Ho3+ is working ion and Tm3+ acts as intermediary to transfer energy. 2.1 μm laser wave can be absorbed by water very well

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