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Yb:YAP Chemical formula is Yb:YAlO3,Yttrium orthoaluminate activated with Yb3+ ions doped. It is mostly used in diode pumped high-power ultrafast lasers and the emission spectrum is around 1 um, also it’s scintillators. Yb:YAP is a Infra-red laser crystal, as a result of high threshold of pump, Yb:YAP has a widly used in application. In the continuous-wave state, the upper output power could be generated using the b-cut and c-cut Yb:YAP, and the output power of a-cut is lower. Due to the broad emission bandwidth and high thermal conductivity, Yb:YAP crystal is a gread laser for high power laser operation in CW and plsed regimes.

Yb:YAP crystal–diode pumped high-power ultrafast lasers

Yb:YAP crystal is a potentially useful polarized laser gain medium in laser-diode-pumped solid-state configurations. Yb:YAP crystals is used in large avalanche photodiodes, as the best photosensors are appearanced to be hopeful for future applications in neutrino physics.


Clear Aperture>90%
Face Dimensions Tolerance+0/-0,1 mm
Length Tolerance±0,1 mm
Parallelism Error<10 arcsec
Perpendicularity Error<10 arcmin
Protective Chamfers<0,1 mm at 45˚
Surface Quality10-5 S-D
Surface Flatness<λ/10@632,8nm
CoatingsAR(R<0,25%)@978 nm + AR(R<0,15%) @1020-1070 nm on both sides
Laser Induced Damage Threshold>10 J/cm2@1030 nm, 10 ns 0 nm, 10 ns 1030 nm, 10 ns
Absorption Peak Wavelength978 nm
Absorption Cross-Section at Peak6.6×10-20cm2
Absorption Bandwidth at Peak Wavelength4 nm
Laser Wavelength1040 nm
Lifetime of 2F5/2 Energy Level500 us
Emission Cross-section @1040 nm0.5×10-20cm2
Refractive Index @632.8 nm1.96 (//a), 1.94 (//b), 1.97 (//c)
Crystal Structureorthorhombic
Density5.35 g/cm3
Mohs Hardness8.5
Thermal Conductivity11.7 (//a), 10.0 (//b), 13.3 (//c) W/m*K
Thermal Expansion Coefficient2.32×10-6(//a)K-1,8.08×10-6(//b)K-1
Typical Doping Level<2 at.%

Yb YAP laser crystal absorption emission curve crylink

Yb:YAP crystal absorption emission curve

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