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TGG Crystal

TGG Faraday Crystal Laser Crylink
TGG Crystal

Terbium gallium garnet (Tb3Ga5O12, TGG) is a crucial category of magneto-optical materials for use in the visible and the near-infrared spectral regions((400-470nm and 500-1500nm)).  The TGG crystal possesses a large Verdet constant (35 RadT−1m−1 at 1064 nm), high thermal conductivity (7.4 Wm−1K−1), low optical losses (< 0.1%/cm) and high laser damage threshold (> 1 GW/cm2). Therefore, it is an attractive Faraday-rotating crystal suitable for constructing magneto-optical isolators, magneto-optical switches, magneto-optical modulators and so on,widely used in YAG, Ti-doped sapphire and other multi-stage amplification, ring type, seed injection laser


Chemical FormulaTb3Ga5O12
Lattice Parametera=12.355Å
Growth MethodCzocralski
Mohs Hardness8
Melting Point1725 ℃
Refractive Index1.954 at 1064nm
Crystal Structure[111]
​Extinction Ratio (over 2/3 clear aperture)​30 dB
Thermal Conductivity​:7.4 W cm-1 K-1
​Refractive Index:​1.95​
Nonlinear Index, n2:8
​Figure of Merit, V/a:27
Figure of Merit, V/n2:​5
Verdet Constant (632 nm)​​-134 RadT-1m-1
Verdet Constant (1064 nm)-40 RadT-1m-1

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