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Tm: YAG laser of 2μm has good prospects for application in LIDAR, laser ranging, and laser medicine. Compared with other lasers, the most significant advantage of Tm laser in medical treatment is that it can effectively promote tissue coagulation and vaporization and has a good hemostatic effect.

When the laser acts, the water first absorbs most of the energy, which is heated to expand rapidly. When the temperature rises to the boiling point of water, the surface tension formed by the vaporized bubbles exceeds the maximum tension of the tissue surface. The structure will be destroyed, and the ablation is immediately ejected from the tissue surface.


2000nm Tm YAG Laser For Medical Application

2000nm Laser (Tm:YAG)

  • Laser Crystal-Tm: YAG
    Particle number reversal conditions are achieved to produce a 2 μm laser. It is very effective when ablation is performed on the tissue surface and the coagulation in air or water is not too deep. This makes the Tm laser very useful in basic laser surgery.
  • L1, L2, L3, L4 lenses
    CL1 – spherical collimator, L2 – a Cylindrical lens, L3, L4 – spherical focusing lens.
  • AO-Q: TeO2
    In Q-switching operation, the repetition rate is related to the maximum output energy, which can be attributed to the shortening of the energy storage time at high temperatures. For high temperatures, the fluorescence lifetime of Tm3 + will be shortened due to the strong interaction between Tm3 + ions.
  • Output coupler
    The output coupler has a reflectivity of 3% for a 2.0 μm laser
  • Concave Mirror
    The concave mirror is designed to have high transmittance at 785 nm and high reflectance at 2.0 μm.

Laser Crystal - Tm:YAG

Tm:YAG operating on the 3H4 –3H6 transition in the 0.82 μm wavelength range. It can be pumped with efficient diode lasers in the 0.78 – 0.8 μm wavelength range. 

TeO2 Crystal

TeO2 is an excellent acousto-optic crystal material and has been widely used in the production of acousto-optic modulators. Continuous lasers are modulated to have high peak power, narrow pulse widths, different frequencies and high repetition rates.

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