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Ti:sapphire lasers are tunable lasers which emit red and near-infrared light in the range from 650 to 1100 nanometers, operating most efficiently at wavelengths near 800 nm.A Ti:sapphire laser is usually pumped with another laser with a wavelength of 514 to 532 nm.Femtosecond lasers work in pulse mode have short duration and high instantaneous power, enabling to process materials in very short time,and small spaces,is appropriate for processing materials.


800nm Laser For Material Processing

800nm Laser (Ti:Sapphire)

Ti:sapphire crystals

Ti:Sapphire crystal, with multiple degeneracy energy level of  ,electronic energy level coupling with lattice vibrational level makes energy band of ground state and excited state broaden.The main absorption peak at 488 nm, gain wave band in the range from 650nm to 1200nm, so can produce 3fs ultra short pulse lasers.Peak power can be high in low energy conditions when the duration of the pulse is extremely short, this is advantageous to materials processing and materials repairing.

Pump source——Providing pump lasers for Ti:sapphire crystal.Wavelengths of pump souce which are usually used in the range from 514nm to 532nm,such as diode pumped Q-switched lasers,Nd:YAG frequency doubled lasers.

Prism——For dispersion compensation.We should compensate dispersion by providing oppsosite dispersion.Ti:sapphire belongs to positive dispersion materials,so there should be negative dispersion materials such as prism.

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