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Yb3+:GGG (Yb:Gd3Ga5O12,Yb doped gadolinium gallium garnet) crystal has the following advantages: compared with Yb: YAG crystal, it has a lower melting point and is easy to grow under a flat solid-liquid interface without forming a concentrated core such as impurities and stress. In addition, compared with Nd3+ doped media, there are no excited state absorption, fluorescence up-conversion, concentration quenching and other effects. Similarly, it has the characteristics of high doping concentration. Therefore, it has attractive application prospects in high-power and high-efficiency solid-state lasers and ultrashort pulse lasers.

Yb: GGG crystal —— Laser Crystal for high-power solid-state lasers

Among rare earth element ions, Yb3 has a simple energy level structure, with an electronic configuration of [Xe]4f13 and only two electronic states, namely the ground state 2F7/2 and the excited state 2F5/2. Compared with Nd3+, this simple electronic structure has many advantages, such as low quantum defects, wide absorption band can be effectively coupled with the InGaAs diode pump source, there is no absorption of excited state and up-conversion process, etc. Therefore, Yb : GGG crystal can be used as the working material of high-power solid-state lasers.

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