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Cr GSGG Passive Q-Switch Crystal Laser Crylink
Cr:GSGG Saturable Absorber Q-Switch Crystal


Refractive index at 1064 nm1.9424
Index change with temperature, dn/dt,(10-6 k-1)10.9
Elasto-optic constants
P11-0.012 ± 0.003
P120.019 ± 0.003
P44-0.0665 ± 0.0013
Emission wavelength (nm)1061.2
Emission cross section (pm2)a13
R2->Y3 transition linewidth (cm-1)11.5
Nd3+ fluorescence lifetime (ps) at low concentrations (<1017cm-3 )273-283
Nd3+ concentration for which lifetime is reduced by 50% (1020 Nd ions cm-3)5
Density (g*cm-3)6.495
Heat capacity (J*g-1*K-1)0.4029
Thermal conductivity (W*m-1*K-1)6
Thermal expansion (10-6 K-1)7.5
Poisson’s ratio0.28
Young’s modulus (GPa)210
Fracture toughness (MPa )1.2
Thermal- stress resistance (W*m-1)b660

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