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Er: YSGG crystal is a class of Er3+ ion-doped garnet crystals that has higher thermal conductivity and stable physical and chemical properties. Er: YSGG crystal can emit laser with a wavelength of 1.6um, which can avoid the absorption of methane and other gases in the air. This makes Er: YSGG lasers have certain advantages in coherent Doppler radar light sources. In addition, Er: YSGG crystals can also emit solid-state pulsed high-frequency lasers with a wavelength of 2.78um. This wavelength is just at the highest absorption peak of water and can be specifically absorbed by water molecules and OH- ions in the tissue, resulting in low heat generation during treatment. Therefore, it has broad application prospects in the treatment of oral diseases.

Er: YSGG crystals are widely used in optical communications and laser medical treatment

Currently, the projects we are involved in mainly include InGaAs diode laser pumping and coherent Kepler radar light sources. The laser with a wavelength of 2.78um is at the position of the water absorption peak and can be strongly absorbed by water molecules. Therefore, it can be used to treat photoaging and scarred skin and chronic periodontitis. The laser with a wavelength of 1.6um has the advantages of eye safety, being in the atmospheric transmission window, and the photoelectric receiving device has a higher response sensitivity to the light of this wavelength. Therefore, it can be used as a lidar light source.

Chemical formula


Crystal structure


Doping concentration

30-50 at.%

Space group


Lattice constant

12.42 Å


5.2 g/cm3

Mohs hardness


Coefficient of thermal expansion

8.1×10-6 K-1


<001> <111>

Thermal conductivity


Refractive index

1.926@1.064 µm


7×10-6 K-1

Generated wavelength

2.797; 2.823µm

Shank diameter

Up to 15 mm

Diameter tolerance

+0.0000 / -0.0020

Length tolerance

+0.040 / -0.000

Tilt /wedge angle

±5 min


0.005 ±0.003@45°


30 arcsec


λ/10 @ 633 nm


5 arc minutes

Surface finish

10-5 S-D

Wavefront distortion

λ/2 per inch@633nm

Er YSGG emission spectrum short wave CrylinkEr YSGG emission spectrum long wave Crylink
Er: YSGG transmission (short wave)  Er: YSGG emission (long wave)  
Er YSGG absorption spectrum Crylink 
Er: YSGG absorption   

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