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KTP(Nonlinear Crystal)

KTiOPO4 (KTP Nonlinear Crystal) has the following characteristics:

  • High nonlinear coefficient (about 15 times that of KDP)
  • High thermal conductivity (twice that of BDN crystal)
  • A wide range of allowable temperature matching and allowable angle matching
  • High threshold of resistance to gray traces and light damage
  • No moisture absorption and deliquescence
  • No decomposition below 900°C
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Easy polishing of the crystal surface and small mismatch

Its frequency-doubling efficiency for 1064 nm can reach about 80%. KTP crystal can make components for frequency doubling, frequency mixing, electro-optical modulation, optical parametric oscillation, and optical waveguide.

KTP Crystal Laser Crylink
KTP Crystal
Chemical FormulaKTiOPO4
Crystal StructureRhombic System, Space GroupPna21,Point Group mm2
Lattice Constanta=6.404Å, b=10.616Å, c=12.814Å, Z=8
Melting Point1172°C
Mohs Hardness5
Density3.01 g/cm3
Thermal Conductivity13W/m/K
Coefficient of Thermal Expansionax=11×10-6/℃, ay=9×10-6/℃, az=0.6×10-6/℃
Damage Threshold: [GW/cm ]>0.5 @1064 nm,TEM00, 10ns,10HZ(AR-coated)
>0.3 @532 nm,TEM00, 10ns,10HZ(AR-coated)
SHG Phase Matching Range497 ~ 1800nm  (Type II)
Non-vanished Nonlinear Magnetization Coefficientdeff(II)≈(d24– d15)sin2φsin2θ- (d15sin2φ+ d24cos2φ)sinθ
d31=6.5 pm/V
d24=7.6 pm/V
d32= 5 pm/V
d15=6.1 pm/V
d33=13.7 pm/V
Thermal Coefficient of Lightdnx/dT=1.1*10-5/℃
Nd:YAG Type of Laser II SHG@1064nmTemperature Receiving: 24°C·cm
Spectrum Receive: 0.56nm·cm
Angle to Receive: 14.2mrad·cm (φ);  55.3mrad·cm(θ)
Discrete Angle: 0.55°
Transmission Range350~4500nm
Absorption Coefficient<0.1%/cm @ 1064nm;<1%/cm @ 532nm
Refractive Indexnx=1.7377, ny=1.7453, nz=1.8297 @1064nm
nx=1.7780, ny=1.7886, nz=1.8887 @532nm
Sellmeier Equation(λ in μm)nx2=3.0065+0.03901/(λ2-0.04251)-0.01327λ2

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