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Er, Cr: YSGG

ErCr YSGG Laser Crystal Laser Crylink
Er,Cr:YSGG rod

Er,Cr:YSGG crystals crylink have supplied

Er Cr YSGG 3x3x8mm

Size: 3x3x8 mm
Both sides polishing


Size: 3x3x8 mm
Both sides polishing


Crystal StructureCubic
Chemical FormulaY2.93Sc1.43 Ga3.64O12
Lattice Constant12.42 Å
Concentration30 at % (3.7 x 1021 cm-3 , dodecahedral Er3+)
2 at % (1.7 x 1020 cm-3 , octahedral Cr3+)
Wavefront Distortion (per inch of rod length)1/2
Surface Quality10 – 5 scratch-dig
Barrel Finish55 micro-inch ±5 micro-inch
Chamfer Angle45 deg ±5 deg
Chamfer0.005 ±0.003 in
Length  Tolerance+0.040 / -0.000 in
Diameter Tolerance+0.0000 / -0.0020 in
Thermal conductivity(W/mK)8
Thermal expansion coefficient8.1×10-6/K
Thermo-optical factor(dn/dT)(10-6/K)12.3
Density5.67g/cm3(Cr&Er doped)
Sizes, (dia x length), mmfrom 3 x 30 to 12.7 x 127.0
Orientation<001>, <111>
Refractive index1.92 at 1000nm
Fluorescent Lifetime1400 μs
Emission cross-section, cm25.2 x 10-21
Lasing wavelength, µm2.791

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