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457nm lasers are an important part of the underwater blue-ray fuze communication technology and fuze target detection technology. 457nm laser use semiconductor pumped frequency doubling technology. The color of the 457nm blue laser is fuller than that of the 473nm blue light, short pulse with a high repetition rate and high power can be obtained by acousto-optic Q-switching. It has significant meaning to build an underwater intelligent weapon communication system.


457nm Laser For Optical Communication

457nm Nd:YVO4 Laser

AO-Q switch:TeO2

1064nm antireflection film is deposited on both ends. The acousto-optic Q-switch element is placed near the Nd:YVO4 crystal, and the temperature control and refrigeration are controlled by the semiconductor cooler.

Nd:YVO4 crystal

LBO Frequency conversion

TEC1 and TEC2——TEC1 and TEC2 perform double-channel refrigeration on LD and Nd:YVO4, and refrigerating by fine-tuning semiconductor refrigerators to preventing laser threshold from rising. The precision of temperature control is 0.02 ℃.

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