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Er:YAG laser is a solid pulse laser with a wavelength of 2940nm, Its wavelength is right at the highest absorption peak of water. Its absorption efficiency  is 200 times of 2.1um Ho:YAG laser, 10,000 times of the 1.06um Nd:YAG laser. Based on this feature, it can be used for precise cutting and soft tissue ablation, with less thermal diffusion and mechanical damage to adjacent tissues. When the krypton laser pulse acts on the skin, the energy is quickly absorbed by the tissue, causing rapid warming of the superficial skin, resulting in instantaneous vaporization separation and precision exfoliation of the tissue. Because of its achievable and precise cutting, Er:YAG laser can be used for medical Laser microtherapy, such as skin medicine, dentistry, cardiology, ophthalmology, etc.


2940nm Laser For Medical Application

2940nm Laser (Er:YAG Laser)

2940nm Laser

2940nm Er YAG Laser laser-crylink
2940nm Laser
Laser wavelength 2940nm
Energy 34mJ
Power 3W
Focal Length Diameter 0.15mm
Focusing Operation Method single focus (7mm)
2940nm ErYAG Laser Structure laser-crylink

2940nm Laser Crystal - Er:YAG

erbium yag laser
Laser Crystal — Er:YAG
Laser Wavelength2940 nm (highly doped);
1645 nm (low doped)
Photon Energy6.75×10-20J@2940nm
Pump Absorption Band Width600~800 nm (highly doped);
1530 nm (low doped)
Damage Threshold>500MW/cm2
Emission Cross Section3×10-20 cm2

Q-Switch:LiNbO3 crystal

We use LiNbO3 crystal as Q-switch, Because LiNbO3 has a high transmittance to light with wavelength of 2940nm. Both ends of LiNbO3 crystal are cutting against Brewster’s angle(OB=650).meanwhile, it polarizes lase and is the Q-switch of lase. As a result, we don’t need a independent polarizer any more., The insertion loss in the resonant cavity is reduced.

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