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Acousto-Optic Q-switch Crystal

Acousto-optic Q-switch technology refers to putting the acousto-optic medium into the resonator. When there is no ultrasonic wave, the beam can pass through the acousto-optic medium freely. The Q value of the cavity is very high, and laser oscillation is easy to occur. When there is ultrasonic wave, the density of acoustooptic medium changes periodically, which leads to the change of refractive index periodically and deflects the beam. At this time, the Q value of the resonator is very low, and the particle number of the upper level accumulates rapidly.

The biggest advantage of acousto-optic Q-switch is that it is used in Q-switch laser with high repetition rate. The laser pulse with high repetition rate of more than 1000 times per second can be obtained, and the repetition of the pulse is very good. Acousto-optic Q-switch is only used in low gain CW lasers. For high gain lasers, the switching ability is poor and it is easy to “close the door”. The pulse width is wide, and the switching speed is much higher than that of the electro-optic Q-switch.

Following are Acousto-optic Q-switch crystals owned by Laser-Crylink

If there is no Acousto-optic Q-switch crystal you need in the website list, please contact us for customization.

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