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It is not a problem if the customer wants a crystal with special specifications, or if the crystal is not found in our catalog page, or if the crystal is only in the literature and not available in the market at all. We offer a customized service to try to meet your needs and help your projects and experiments to run smoothly, Crylink’s factory is market oriented, and we are happy to be involved in your new experiments and applications.

Flow Chart

Flow Chart

Apply form details

  • Crystal Name: The full name and chemical formula
  • Application Area:Using ofthe crystal
  • Dimension: The size about the crysta
  • Processing Requirement: Your request in detail and providing the drawing
  • Polishing Requirement: Your request in detail
  • Coating Requirement:Your request indetail
  • Literature: Growth and Application about the crystal

Crylink want to say

Crylink is committed to providing efficient, quality service to our guests. Just like the concept of our logo – Connecting Value. We want to accompany our guests from the beginning of their project to its successful completion. Many of our guests are technicians at the forefront of high technology, people who can change the world. This is a very rewarding and fulfilling thing for us. If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know by email, phone or online chat, and we hope Crylink can be your reliable partner.

would be happy to meet you and learn all about your requirements & expectations.

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