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Yb KGW Laser Crystal Laser-Crylink
Yb:KGW Laser Crystal


Chemical formulapotassium gadolinium tungastate
Crystal structuremonoclinic double tungstates
Density7.27 g/cm3
Transmission range0.35-5.5 μm
Mohs hardness4 to 5
Refractive indices at 1060 nmng = 2.037, np = 1.986, nm=2.033
Thermal conductivityKa=2.6 W/mK, Kb=3.8 W/mK, Kc=3.4 W/mK
Thermal optical coefficient @1064 nmdnp/dT=-15.7 * 10-6 K-1
dnm/dT=-11.8 * 10-6 K-1
dng/dT=-17.3 * 10-6 K-1
Thermal expansionαa=4X10-6 /°C
αb=3.6X10-6 /°C
αc=8.5X10-6 /°C
Melting temperature1075 °C
Absorbtion cross section1.2X10-19 cm2
Stimulated emission cross section (E| |a)2.6X10-20 cm2
Laser wavelength1023-1060 nm
Lasing threshold35 mW
Stark levels energy (in cm-1) of the 2F5/2 manifolds of Yb3+ @ 77 K10682, 10471, 10188
Stark levels energy (in cm-1) of the 2F7/2 manifolds of Yb3+ @ 77K535, 385, 163, 0
optical damage threshold, GW/cm220
Absorption peak wavelength, lpump, [nm]981.2
Absorption linewidth, Dlpump, [nm]3.7
Peak absorption cross-section, spump, [cm2]1.2×10-19
Peak absorption coefficient, [cm-1]26
Emission wavelength, lse, [nm]1023
Emission linewidth, Dlse, [nm]20
Peak emission cross-section, sse, [cm2]2.8×10-20
Quantum effect, lpump/lse, [nm]0.959
Fluorescence lifetime, tem, [ms]0.6

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