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Fe:ZnSe or Iron(Ferrum) doped Zinc Selenide (Fe2+:ZnSe) is one of the most effective crystals used to design lasers in middle (thermal) infrared. It is considered to be the most effective laser medium to obtain 3~5um mid-infrared lasers with high performance and wide tuning range because of long output wavelength, wide absorption band and emission band.Such high-performance mid-infrared lasers have important application value in the field of military confrontation,biological safety and environmental sciences.

Fe:ZnSe laser crystal——covers the whole mid-infrared band and has a wide tuned laser output

Fe:ZnSe has a luminescence wavelength of 3.5~5.5 microns, which covers the whole mid-infrared band. Fe:ZnSe ‘s optical and thermodynamic properties are significantly better at low temperature than those at room temperature. Thermal conductivity decreases with increasing doping concentration.The maximum power continuous laser output can be obtained at 77 K by a 1.5 W 4.1 micron Cr:ZnSe laser. The peak values of the Fe:ZnSe absorption cross-section and emission cross-section at room temperature are around 3 and 4.3 microns, respectively. The wide absorption band makes the Fe:ZnSe laser have a wide range in the selection of pumping sources, and the wide emission band is very favorable to obtain a wide tuned laser output.


StructureCubic-sphalerite type
Density5.3 g/cm^3
Melting Point1525℃
Max Single Crystal Diameter/Length  ≈38×30~40mm
Surfrace Quality(For Polished)   40/20,Ra<0.01(um),Rz<0.05(um)
Range Of Doping Concentration  (0.80~1.20)×10^19cm^(-3)
Sizeup to 40×40×50mm
Absorption Cross-section Peak0.97×10-18 cm^2
Absorption Bandwidth1.3 micron
The Wavelength Corresponding To The Peak of The Absorption Cross-section3 micron
Emission Cross-section Peak1.4×10-18 cm^2
The Wavelength Corresponding To The Peak of The Emission Cross-section4.3 micron
Emission Bandwidth        1.1 micron
Average Power67mW
Pulse Width25ns
Center Wavelength4.45 micron
Fluorescence Lifetime57um(100K);0.4um(300K)
Extensive Gain Bandwidth>500nm
Gain Cross-Sectional Area10-18 cm^2
Tunable Medium Infrared Laser Output Range3.98μm~4.54μm
Reflection Loss0.8~1.1 dB
Maximum Absorptionnear 2.96 micron
Flash Pump Using   Er:YAG @2.94um,Er:YSGG@2.78um
Laser Wavelength Tuning Range   2-6 micron

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