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The company focuses on laser components products, including laser crystals, laser optics and laser devices. Based on the core product positioning, Liton optoelectronics has gradually established a professional hardware infrastructure and technology r&d team. Liton photoelectric has crystal growth furnace of lifting method, dropping method and molten salt method, which is used to produce all kinds of laser crystal. The construction of double-sided polishing, ring polishing equipment for the main plane, used for all kinds of laser lens production. It has several ion-assisted deposition (IAD) coating machines for laser coating with high damage threshold. The research and development and production conditions of laser devices (100 class and 1000 class ultra-clean plants) have been established for the research and production of laser devices.

Crystal Growth

  • Crystal growth method and growth furnace by lifting method
  • Temperature gradient crystal growth furnace
  • Descending crystal growth furnace


  • Single wire cutting machine
  • Multi-wire cutting machine

Coating Film

  • IAD – 900 – coating machine
  • IAD – 1300 – coating machine


  • HC-SM100 parallel welding equipment
  • Vacuum eutectic furnace
  • WT2330 series ultrasonic hot pressing gold wire ball welder
crystal growing furnace
Single wire cutting machine
IAD 900 coating machine
HC SM100parallel welding equipment

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