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ErYb Laser Glass Laser Crylink

Er, Yb: Glass

Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass — as the 1540nm eye-safe radiation sources pumped by LD which can emit eye-safe 1540nm laser radiation directly used in laser ranging finder and telecommunication communication

 As an eye-safe wavelength laser, 1540um, Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass lasers have attracted much attention for their compactness and low costs, such as laser generation and signal amplification wavelength of 1540nm is just at the position of the eye-safe and the fiber optic communication window. 1540nm lasers have been used in ranging finder, radar, and target recognition. Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped phosphate glass cooperates with passive Q-Switch crystal – co:spinel to get a 1540nm pulse solid-state laser.

Er3+ emission transition occurs within this wavelength range corresponding to the 4I13/24I15/2. However, Er3+ absorption is too weak to allow direct pumping, so energy transfers are required. Yb3+ ions give the most efficient ones under absorption from the 2F7/22F5/2 transition, energy transfer to the 4I11/2 Er3+ level and fast nonradiative change Er3+  4I13/2 level, which emits the expected fluorescence. Er,Yb:glass laser with radiation output at the wavelength of 1540 nm does not require the addition of additional components.


 EAT14 WM4
Cross section for stimulated emission (10-20cm2)  0.80.75
Fluorescent lifetime (ms)*  7.7-8.07.7-8.2
Center lasing wavelength (nm)  15351535
Refractive index (1535nm)1.5241.528
Refractive index (d 589.3nm)1.5321.536
Abbe value6666
dn/dT (10-6/℃) (20~100℃)-1.72-3
 EAT14 WM4
Transformation temp. (℃)  556530
Softening temp. (℃)  605573
Coeff.of linear thermal expansion (10-7/K) (20~100℃)  8782
Coeff.of linear thermal expansion (10-7/K) (100~300℃)  9596
Thermal Coeff.of optical path length (10-6/K) (20~100℃)  2.91.4
Thermal conductivity (25℃) (W/mK)  0.70.7
Density (g/cm3)3.062.83
Chemical durability
(weigh loss rate at 100℃ distilled water) (μg/hr.cm2)
Er glass laser glass WM4 absorption spectrumEr glass laser glass WM4 emission spectrum
EAT-14 Absorption curveEAT-14 emission curve
EAT-14 Absorption curveEAT-14 emission curve
Orientation Tolerance< 0.5°
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance±0.05 mm
Surface Flatness<λ/8@632 nm
Wavefront Distortion<λ/4@632 nm
Surface Quality10-5
Clear Aperture>90%
Maximum dimensionsdia (3-12.7)×(3-150)mm2

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