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N51 Nd: Glass

Nd Glass Laser Crylink
Nd Glass Manufacture Process

N51 Neodymium-doped phosphate glass has the characteristics of high energy storage, large stimulated emission cross-section, long fluorescence lifetime, and easy preparation of large size and good optical uniformity. Therefore, it is widely used as an amplifier working substance in a high-power laser system.


Nd2O3(wt%) 4.0
Nd3+ conc. (1020ions/cm3) 3.9±0.1
Cross section for stimulated emission (10-20cm2) 4.3±0.1
Lifetime at 1053nm (μsec)*≥375(Nd2O3:0.5wt%)
Effective bandwidth (nm) 24.5
Fluorescence peak wavelength (nm) 1053
Absorption coefficient (cm-1)≤0.0015(1053nm)
Non-linear refractive index coeff.n2 (×10-13e.s.u) ≤1.04
Refractive index (1053nm) 1.505±0.003
Abbe value 68.2
dn/dT (10-6/℃) (20~100℃) -9.0
Transformation temp. (℃)408
Softening temp. (℃) 448
Coeff.of linear thermal expansion (10-7/K) (30~100℃) 141
Coeff.of linear thermal expansion (10-7/K) (30~300℃) 160
Thermal coeff.of optical path length (10-6/K) (50~100℃) -1.9
Density (g/cm3)2.7
Young’s modulus (G Pa) 45.2
Posson’s ratio 0.26
Knoop hardness (kg/cm2) 302
Fracture toughness (MPa·m1/2) 0.66
Dw (H2O 98℃) (mg/(cm2/day)) 2.2

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