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2000nm TM3+ single-doped laser has an important effect on high energy and high frequency 2000nm laser,ans it is an important part of laser radar. The 2000nm laser can be used as an ideal light source for laser radar, laser rangefinder because of its eye-safety characteristics in atmospheric transmission. Tm:YAG laser can operate at room temperature and keep high efficiency. It is suitable for high power diode laser pumping.


2000nm Laser For Ranging and Radar

2000nm Laser (Tm:YAG Laser)

Tm:YAG crystal

The Tm:YAG crystal is installed on the water-cooled module, the temperature can be controlled between 5℃ and 20℃, its absorption bandwidth is small, and the laser diode pumping needs strict wavelength control to match the pump wavelength with the crystal absorption peak, in order to obtain good results.

Resonant cavity——Because the thermal lens effect of Tm:YAG crystal is serious, it is necessary to choose a suitable cavity type. The cavity is in the flat-concave cavity.

Input mirror——The input mirror is a flat mirror with a 785 nm AR coating on one end and a 785 nm AR coating ,a 2020 nm full-reflection coating on the other end.

Output mirror——It is the flat concave mirror with 100mm radius of curvature.

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