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BIBO - BiB3O6 Crystal

BiB3O6 (BIBO) crystal is a new type of nonlinear laser crystal, which has the advantages of wide transparency range (from 286nm to 2500nm), high damage threshold, large nonlinear coefficient and non-wetting. At present, as a kind of excellent nonlinear second harmonic crystal, it can be used to produce high efficiency crystal of green or blue laser.

Compared with other nonlinear crystals used for the second harmonic (SHG), BIBO crystals have many advantages.

Since the second harmonic (SHG) can be widely used to generate coherent visible light and ultraviolet radiation, people pay attention to it, but the traditional nonlinear crystals such as KDP, LBO, KTP, B-BBO also have many shortcomings. BIBO crystal is a new type of nonlinear crystal. Compared with KDP crystal, it makes up for the disadvantage that KDP crystal can grow in large size but dissolve in water. Although the nonlinear coefficient of KTP crystal is large, the laser damage threshold is low, which will cause problems such as refractive index change and transmission loss. BIBO crystal has higher laser damage threshold and higher second harmonic conversion efficiency. Although LBO and B-BBO are the most practical, they are small in size and have certain hygroscopicity, while BIBO crystals are non-wet and can grow to large size. These advantages enable BIBO crystals to be widely used.  


Chemical FormulaBiB3O6
Crystal StructureMonoclinic, point group 2
lattice Parametersa = 7.116 Ä, b = 4.993Ä, 
c = 6.508Ä, Z = 105.62°
Melting Point 726°C
Specific Heat0.5 J/g-K at 330 K
Mohs Hardness5 – 5.5
Density5.033 g/cm3
Thermal Expansion Coefficients//a, 4.8 x 10-5/K , //b, 4.4 x 10-6/K,
//c, -2.69 x 10-5/K
NLO coefficients (pm/V)d11 = 2.53, d12 = d14 = 2.3
d13 = -1.3,d25 = d36 = 2.4
d26 = 2.8, d35= -0.9
Phase matching angle168.9° from z axis in YZ plane
Angular acceptance(arad-cm)2.32
Walk-off angle(°)25.6
temperature acceptance(℃·cm)2.17
Transparency Range286-2500nm 
Absorption Coefficient<0.1%/cm at 1064nm
Sellmeier coefficients:n1: A=3.6545 B=0.0511 C=0.0371 D=0.0226 
ni2(λ)=A+B/(λ2-C)-Dλ2n2: A=3.0740 B=0.0323 C=0.0316 D=0.01337 
(λ in um) n3: A=3.1685 B=0.0373 C=0.0346 D=0.01750
BIBO phase matchingBIBO Nonlinear Coefficient
Phase matching curves of BIBO Type Ⅰ and Type ⅡThe effective nonlinear coefficient distribution of BIBO in Type Ⅰ frequency doubling

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