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ZGP Crystal

ZGP Nonlinear Crystal Laser Crylink
Coated ZGP Nonlinear Crystal

ZnGeP2(Zinc germanium phosphide)crystal has many good properties and is an mid-IR nonlinear crystal. The nonlinear susceptibility of ZnGeP2 (ZGP) crystal is approximately 160 times large (d36~75 pm/V) as KDP,.ZGP shows good optical transparency over the 740 – 12000 nm and relatively high laser damage threshold, and is therefore well suited for producing near infrared tunable laser. ZGP is a very hopeful material for mid-infrared devices such as SHG, SFG, OPO, and OPG/OPA.


Chemical FormulaZnGeP2
Crystal StructureTetragonal,`42m
Lattice Parametera=b=5.467Å, c=12.736Å
Mass Density4.16 g/cm3
Moh Hardness5.5
Melting PointAbout 1040°C
Thermal Conductivity180 W/m/K
Thermal Expansion Coefficientβ‖,5×10-6/K; β⊥,7.8×10-6/K
Birefringencepositive uniaxial
Transparency Range0.74 – 12 um
Absorption Coefficientα<0.05cm-1 @2050-2100 nm
Refractive Indices
@ 2.05 um no = 3.1478, ne = 3.1891
@ 2.79 um no = 3.1333, ne = 3.1744
@ 5.30 um no = 3.1136, ne = 3.1547
@ 10.6 um no = 3.0729, ne = 3.1143
SHG Phase Matchable Range3177 ∼ 10357nm (Type I)
NLO coefficientsd36=75 ± 8 pm/V
Type Ⅰ deeo=d36 sin2θcos2φ
Type Ⅱ doeo=deoo=d36 sinθsin2φ
Damage Threshold 
at 2.79 um30 GW/cm2 (150 ps)
at 10.6 um 1 GW/cm2  (2 ns)
ZGP nonlinear crystal transmissionZGP nonlinear crystal SHG
ZGP Transmission SpectrumSHG curves of ZGP (TypeI (eeo))
ZGP nonlinear crystal OPO2800ZGP nonlinear crystal OPO2090
OPO tuning curves of ZGP with pump light of 2800 nmOPO tuning curves of ZGP with pump light of 2090 nm

ZGP crystals crylink have supplied

Orientation: θ=55°

Orientation: θ=56.5°

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