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Nd-doped phosphate glass 1060nm laser has important applications in material processing and can be used for laser drilling and laser welding. Nd:Glass has long fluorescence lifetime, good property of energy storage, wide absorption spectral bandwidth, and low thermal conductivity of the glass base, pump light is easy to be absorbed, and large size, its 1060nm micron laser 


1060nm Laser For Material Processing

Laser Glass - Nd:Glass

Being used to produce a laser of 1.06μm. Nd doped glass has good optical performance, high energy conversion efficiency, easy to be processed and low cost, is suitable for Q-switching.The disadvantage is that the thermal conductivity is not as good as that of ruby, but the temperature effect is weaker than that of Ruby. Therefore, using a full water cooling device can still achieve better stability.

Passive Q-switch - Cr:YAG

Cr4+: YAG is a crystal that is used for passive Q-switching in lasers, and it is also an new laser material. It is applied in the range of 900-1200 nm and 1350-1600,so it is appropriate for Nd doped glass.

  • Pump light
    Xenon lamp——The radiation spectrum of the xenon lamp is in contrast to the absorption spectrum of the Nd glass, and the two have a good consistency, which makes the xenon lamp an effective light pump.
  • Focus Cavity
    The outer walls of the focus cavity are machined to equally spaced grooves to reduce the weight of the cavity and increase the heat dissipation area.
  • Optical cavity
    A flat-faced cavity was used, and the total reflection dielectric film had a reflectance of 98% for the 1.06 μm laser.
  • Cooling method
    The deionized water is blown into the focus cavity and flows in a circular motion to simultaneously cool the xenon lamp, the working substance and the focus cavity.

The output wavelength of the Nd doped glass laser is 1.06 micron. The main advantage of the neodymium glass laser is lower cost and higher energy conversion efficiency of the device, which can be made into larger size devices for obtaining higher power or Infrared pulsed laser with larger energy. This type of laser is mainly used in laser processing such as punching and welding.

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