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The wavelength of the Ho:YAG laser is 2100nm. The absorption of 2100nm laser by water is about 25 cm-1, which is 25 times more than the absorption of Nd:YAG laser. Therefore, the Ho:YAG laser penetrates soft and hard tissues shallowly because of high surgical precision and unique coagulation effect that limits the area of damage. The Ho:YAG laser can be delivered in a low OH-based quartz fiber and work efficiently in gas and liquid environments. The Ho laser endoscopically treats a variety of intracavitary diseases.

The two μ m laser has a strong absorption peak for water, the main component of biological tissues. It, therefore, penetrates biological soft tissues to a depth of only a few hundred microns. The laser spot is highly directional and extensible, which can ablate small areas and cause transient coagulation of biological proteins so that the cut tissue can be rapidly hemostatic during surgery. These advantages make the two μm laser an ideal light source for medical procedures.


2100nm Ho YAG Laser For Medical Application

2100nm Laser (Ho:YAG)

  • Gain Media
  • Q Switch Crystal
  • TFP: thin film polarizer
    Thin-film polarizers ensure that the polarization of the two pump lights are perpendicular to each other, with one beam p-polarized and one beam s-polarized.
  • Brewster Board
    Suppresses horizontally polarized light and selects vertically polarized light for output.
  • MR, HR, OC
    MR and HR are highly transparent to pump light, while 2.1 μm oscillating light has high reflectivity. OC, output mirror image.

Gain medium - Ho:YAG

The particle number reversal condition is reached to produce a laser of 2.1 μ m.Ho:YAG has a high absorption coefficient in water, and light can be transmitted in silica fibers.

TeO2 Crystal

TeO2 is an excellent acousto-optic crystal material and has been widely used in the production of acousto-optic modulators. Continuous lasers are modulated to have high peak power, narrow pulse widths, different frequencies and high repetition rates.

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