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RTP Crystal

RTP Crystal Laser Crylink
PRT Crystal

RbTiOPO4(RTP) crystal is currently the most commonly used type of practical electro-optic crystals with high frequency repetition, high power and narrow pulse width laser Q switching. RTP electro-optical devices are not only used in laser micromachining and laser ranging, but also in major scientific exploration projects because of their excellent comprehensive performance.

RbTiOPO4(RTP)—a crystal with large electro-optical coefficient, high photoresist damage threshold and stable physical and chemical properties

The growth temperature ranges from 950 °C to 800 °C and the growth period is usually between 45 and 60 days.As RTP is transparent from 0.4 to 3.5 μm, it can be used in multiple types of laser such as Er:YAG laser at 2.94 μm with fairly good efficiency. Bulk absorption measurements at 1.064 μm range from 50 to 150 ppm using Photothermal Common Path Interferometer.


Chemical formulaRbTiOPO4
Crystal structureOrthorhombic
Point groupmm2
Lattice parameters, Åa 12.96
b 10.56
c 6.49
Resistivity (20°C, 20% Humidity), Ohm.cm1012
Aperture, mm2from 2×2 to 9×9
Length, mmup to 10
Dimension tolerance±0.1 mm
Flatness<l/8 @633 nm
Surface qualityScratch/Dig 10/5
Parallelismbetter than 30 arc sec
Perpendicularitybetter than 30 arc min
Angle tolerance△q < 0.5°, △f < 0.5°
CoatingAR coatings
Clear aperture>90% central area
Transmitting wavefront distortionless than l/8 @ 633 nm Dimension
Melting Point~ 1000 °C
Ferroeletric transition temperature~810 °C
Mohs Hardness~5
Thermal Expansion Coefficients, /°Ca1=1.01×10-5, a2=1.37×10-5, a3=-4.17×10-6
Hygroscopic SusceptibilityNo
Ionic conductivity (room temperature, 10 kHz)10-8 S/cm
Average refractive index1.8
Transparency range, μm0.35 → 4.5
Residual Absorption (PCI) at 1064 nm<250 ppm/cm 
Electro-optical constants (@ 633 nm, 1 kHz), pm. V-1r1310.9
Dielectric constantεeff=13 
High damage threshold>15 J/cm2 at 10 Hz,10 ns at 1064 nm performed on coated crystals of 10 mm long
Low operating voltage1300 V for Y-cut and 1600 V for X-cut at 1064 nm applied to a crystal pair of 4×4 mm² for the aperture and 2×10 mm for the length
Low bulk absorption<250 ppm/cm at 1064 nm

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