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N31 Nd: Glass

Nd Glass Laser Crylink
Nd Glass Manufacture Process
N31 Nd Glass Φ10×178

N31 Nd:Glass
Size: Φ10×178 mm

N31 Nd Glass Φ25×254

N31 Nd:Glass
Size: Φ25×254 mm

N31 Nd Glass Φ50×254

N31 Nd:Glass
Size: Φ50×254 mm

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Nd2O3 (wt%)3.5
Nd3+ conc.(1020ions/cm3)3.4±0.1
Cross section for stimulated emission(10-20cm2)3.8±0.1
Lifetime at 1053nm(μsec)≥370 (Nd2O3:0.5wt%)
≥360 (Nd2O3:1.2wt%)
≥315 (Nd2O3:3.5wt%)
≥310 (Nd2O3:4.2wt%)
Effective bandwidth(nm)25.4
Fluorescence peak wavelength(nm)1053
Absorption coefficient(cm-1)≤0.0015(1053nm)
Non-linear refractive index coeff.n2(×10-13e.s.u)≤1.2
Refracive index(1053nm)1.535±0.003
Abbe value65.6
Transformation temp.(℃)445
Softening temp.(℃)485
Coeff.of linear thermal expansion (10-7/K)(30~100℃)116
Thermal coeff. Of optical path length(10-6/K)(50~100℃)1.4
Thermal comductive (25℃)(W/Mk)0.59
Specific heat(25℃)(J/Gk)0.75
Young’s modulus(Gpa)58.3
Posson’ rayio0.26
Knoop hardness(kg/cm2)404
Fracture toughness(Mpa.m1/2)0.58

*The homogeneeity is about 2×10-6

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