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1535nm Er Glass Lasers have been used in ranging and radar. We use Er,Yb:Phosphate glass as laser gain medium to get 1535-1540nm CW laser,and use Co:Spinel as Passive Q-Switch Crystal to get pulsed laser. In addition to using isolated crystals, we also used a bonded crystal solution in the development of the 1535nm erbium glass laser.

Four models of 1535nm Er glass lasers supplied in mature quantities: CL1535-100μJ-SL001: 100uj, 20Hz; CL1535-200μJ-SL002: 200uj,10Hz; CL1535-300μJ-SL003: 300uj,10Hz; CL1535-40μJ-SL004: 100uj,1000Hz;

Three models of Er glass lasers material modules  supplied in mature quantities: CLR15-200-M4: 200uj,10Hz; CLR15-260-M4: 260uj,10Hz; CLR15-300-M4: 300uj,10Hz;


1535nm Laser For Ranging and Radar

Er glass gain medium

Er,Yb:glass is a three-level system, and the stimulated emission of 4I13/24I15/2 of Er3+ produces a 1535nm human eye safety laser.

Co Spinel  Q-Switch

Co:Spinel is an efficient passive q switching material in lasers emitting from 1200 to 1600 nm. This crystal has a high absorption cross section(3.5×10 – 19 cm2) which can make Q-switch of Er,Yb: glass laser work without intracavity focusing both with flash lamp and diode-laser pumping.

1535nm Er Glass EyeSafe Laser
Wavelength (nm)1535153515351535
Single Pulse Energy (μJ)10020030040
Pulse Width (ns)64.565
Beam Divergence Angle (mrad)<12<12<10<12
Repetition Frequency (Hz)2010101K
Life (Shots)>2×108>2×108>2×108>2×108
Cooling RequirementsNo refrigeration required
Weight (g)6996
Size (mm)21×8×725×8×725×8×721×8×7
Working Temperature (℃)-40~65-40~65-40~65-40~65
Storage Temperature (℃)-50~90-50~90-50~90-50~90
  • Based on Er: glass passive Q-switching technology
  • Eye safety
  • Extremely light weight
  • The smallest package size of its kind in the world
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Eye safety laser ranging
1535nm Er Glass EyeSafe Laser Material Module
ModelC LR15-200-M4C LR15-260-M4C LR15-300-M4
Output energy (uJ)200260300
Wavelength (nm)1535
Pulse width (ns)4.5-5.1
Repetition Rate (Hz)1-30
Full divergence angle (mrad)8.4-12
Size of pump light (um)200-300
Wavelength of pump light (nm)940
Power of pump light (W)8-12
Build up time (ms)1.7
Storage temperature range ()-40~65
Working temperature range ()-55~70
  • Near-Infrared, eye safe band
  • Easy integrating,and shorten developing period
  • Good Stability and Tolerance performance
  • High energy efficiency
  • Wide output energy range
  • Small divergence angle: <12 mrad
  • Laser ranging
  • Radar
  • Diode Pumped Solid- State Laser, DPSSL

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