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NAP Nd: Glass

Nd Glass Laser Crylink
Nd Glass Manufacture Process

NAP Neodymium-doped phosphate glass is created specially for high average power applications. NAP2 and NAP4 are two types of new laser glass with high thermal shock resistance properties, which have higher thermal conductivity, lower coefficient of thermal expansion and modest emission cross section. They are served for laser systems with high repetition rates and high energy rates and high energy, which have broad applications in laser ranger, laser peening and pump laser for OPCPA systems.


Cross section for stimulated emission(10-20cm2)3.6±0.13.1±0.1
Lifetime at 1053nm (μsec)*≥360(Nd2O3:0.5wt%)≥370(Nd2O3:0.5wt%)
Effective bandwidth (nm) 25.4 28.525.428.5
Fluorescence peak wavelength (nm) 10521052
Absorption coefficient (cm-1)≤0.0015(1053nm)≤0.002(1053nm)
Non-linear refractive index coeff.n2(×10-13e.s.u)≤1.25 ≤1.10
Refractive index (1053nm) 1.537±0.0031.515±0.005
Abbe value  6767
dn/dT (10-6/℃) (20~100℃)  -91.9
Transformation temp. (℃)  500545
Softening temp. (℃)  550600
Coeff.of linear thermal expansion (10-7/K) (30~100℃)8763
Thermal coeff.of optical path length(10-6/K) (50~100℃)3.85
Thermal conductivity (25℃) (W/mK)  0.760.88
Specific heat (25℃) (J/gK)  0.7570.775
Density (g/cm3)  2.842.58
Young’s modulus (G Pa)  5867
Posson’s ratio  0.250.25
Knoop hardness (kg/cm2)  382549
Fracture toughness (MPa·m1/2)  0.680.74
Dw (H2O 98℃) (mg/(cm2/day))  0.0030.002

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