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Nd: YLF crystal is an important near infrared laser material. It can generate 1047nm and 1053nm wavelength lasers, and pump lasers with a wavelength of 755nm-811nm.It can be used as gain media for laser oscillators and preamplifier. Because it has better performance than Nd: YAG in single mode, high stability and so on, it can replace Nd: YAG crystal. It has the advantages of natural birefringence and long fluorescence life and has a very good development prospect.

At present, the cross-polarized low-temperature Nd:YLF laser emitting 1047nm and 1053nm simultaneously in a collinear resonator can be applied to fields such as holography, medical treatment or dual-wavelength lidar

Nd: YLF crystals are uniaxial crystals that can be used to emit lasers with wavelengths of 1047 nm and 1053 nm. These wavelengths correspond to πpolarization and σ polarization, respectively. So Nd: YLF crystal is a potential working medium producing orthogonal polarization at 1047 nm and 1053 nm at the same time. So it can be applied to self-perception measurements. In this kind of laser we need to realize the gain balance of simultaneous emission of orthogonal polarization with equal output power of two wavelengths. At present, the low temperature system is mainly used to produce Nd: YLF laser with high efficiency emitting at 1047 nm and 1053 nm simultaneously


Materials Nd:LiYF4
Dopant concentration ~1.0 at%
Orientation[100] or [001] within 5°
Wavefront distortion≤0.25λ/inch @632.8nm
Parallelism≤ 10″
Perpendicularity≤ 5′
Flatness≤ λ/10@632.8nm
Surface quality10-5 (MIL-O-13830A)
Chamfer 0.15±0.05mm
Crystal Structure Tetragonal
Melting Point825℃
Mohs Hardness4—5
Young’s Modulus7.5×1011dynes cm¯²
Tensile Strength3.3×108dynes cm¯²
Thermal Expansion Coefficient[100]Direction:13×10-6/K
Thermal Conductivity0.06W/cm/K
Laser transition4F3/2→4I11/2
Laser wavelength1047nm, 1053nm
Emission cross section1.8×10-19cm2(E∥C) @1047nm
 1.2×10-19cm2(E⊥C) @1053nm
Fluorescence lifetime485μs (1.0at%Nd)
Index of refractionno=1.443 ne=1.464 @633nm
 no=1.448 ne=1.470 @1064nm

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