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Crylink is waiting for you in Shenzhen: One more month!

Time is swiftly advancing, and in just a month, the China International Optoelectronic Exposition (CIOE) will commence.

Crylink will be attending this year’s expo. Beyond serving as a nexus for technological innovation and learning, the CIOE acts as a pivotal connector among businesses within the optoelectronic industry.

We cordially invite our esteemed clients and all who share a passion for optoelectronic technology to visit us at booths #2c028 and #2c029. We look forward to engaging in enriching discussions on cutting-edge product technologies, delving deep into industry exchanges, and jointly exploring opportunities for future collaboration.

With anticipation, Crylink hopes to connect with you at CIOE 2023 and welcomes your esteemed presence.

Picture of Jackie Dong

Jackie Dong

In photonic crystals, nanophotonics, negative refraction media, surface plasma optics, nonlinear optics and quantum optics, he has made many innovative achievements in theoretical and experimental research on electromaanetic field problems.

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