Er glass used for medical laser instrument

Erbium and ytterbium co-doped phosphate glass laser has a broad application because of the excellent properties. The best laser crystal rod glass material for 1.54um laser due to its eyesafe wavelength of 1540 nm and high transmission through atmosphere. We have three kinds of Erbium-doped glasses for different use, such as erbium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet, glass crystal rod, ophthalmic glass laser and q zar laser tag. the prospects of getting efficient laser generation from Er at 1centerdot54 μm with Nd and Yb co-dopants in an unclad glass rod. As for er glass laser machine, for every column, laser targets and treats intensively but leave the surrounding tissues intact. The first works concerning eye safe generation in erbium glasses were presented in 1965. For these experiments, silicate glasses were used but soon phosphate glasses turned outto be much more efficient. At the General Physics Institute, Laser Materialsand Technology Research Centre Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, under Professor Denker leadership, two new types of erbium glasses were developed. Medical Fractional Er glass Laser was developed at about 1970s, in the 21 century, medical Laser Erbium、Therapy Medical Laser Rod and wrinkle and pigmentation removal was used in many ways to protect our health.
Er Cr Yb GLASS Laser Crylink
Jackie Dong

Jackie Dong

In photonic crystals, nanophotonics, negative refraction media, surface plasma optics, nonlinear optics and quantum optics, he has made many innovative achievements in theoretical and experimental research on electromaanetic field problems.

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