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The Laser World of Photonics China is About to Begin

Crylink is thrilled to announce its attendance at The Laser World of Photonics China, a renowned event bringing together industry professionals and enthusiasts from around the globe. Set to take place at the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai from July 11-13, the event stands as a testament to the continuous innovation and development within optics, photonics, and laser technology.

Find us at booth # 8.1F414. We are excited to present our diverse array of laser-centric products that addresses the multifaceted challenges within the industry. Our showcased items will range from Laser Crystals, Laser Glass, and Nonlinear Crystals, to Q-switch Crystals and various other Laser Devices – a clear demonstration of our comprehensive approach to laser technology solutions.

Our exhibition will place particular emphasis on Titanium Sapphire (Ti:Sapphire), Erbium Glass (Er:Glass), Cobalt Spinel (Co:Spinel), Beta Barium Borate (BBO), Lithium Triborate (LBO), and Faraday Isolator. By highlighting these products, we aim to underline our strategic commitment to the use of sophisticated materials and state-of-the-art technology in driving forward the world of photonics.

We warmly extend an invitation to all attendees to join us at our booth. Our experts are ready and eager to engage in stimulating discussions and explore the promising potentials that the ever-evolving field of laser technology can offer.

Picture of Jackie Dong

Jackie Dong

In photonic crystals, nanophotonics, negative refraction media, surface plasma optics, nonlinear optics and quantum optics, he has made many innovative achievements in theoretical and experimental research on electromaanetic field problems.

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